the mess-maker

It will get better! Thanks for sharing your feelings 🙂

Jonel Marie

As of today, here’s what I can tell you. Stability is a lie. Everything can change in split second, and even over a long period of time yet in that single moment when you realize time has been changing without you even knowing, it will still feel like a split second. There’s a few things I’ve always thought to be stable in my life: my love for mac and cheese, my absolute honesty, and my favorite group of humans known as One Direction.

I should have known this day was going to be a nightmare, truly, when I woke up to articles telling me that my lovely little quartet of lanky, stumbling and bumbling white boys we’re breaking apart. But alas, I held onto my faith. The future still remains unknown. The instability of this band will inevitably break me down at some point in the next few months, lord knows I’ve already…

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