Objectifying Women : My problem with 5sos


today I read many reviews from 5SOS fans regarding the interview done by the Rolling Stone Magazine – and being a 5SOS fan myself & Mother of an 11 year old 5SOS fan….what can I say?  Disappointed by what I’ve read  (I haven’t even read the entire article yet!)


Infinte not beyond

I am exercising at the moment and a 5 seconds of summer song just came on and before I could scream and rip it out of my ears, I decided to write a bit about why I would do that.

As you guys might know, I am quite a big fan of 5 seconds ir summer but recent event have swayed my thoughts.

As some people may know, 5sos did an interview with Rolling Stones Magazine in which it had almost nothing to do with their music.

They skipped around from the topics of partying to drinking to other celebrities quite quickly, but none of that bothered me. People cannot act like they don’t party as teenagers or young adults or drink underage. Those are things that most teenagers do so I had no problem on hearing it.

The real problem came when Luke started to talk about girls. He…

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