2015: A Reflection, Part 2/3

You are totally HOT!! 🙂

Benjamin Phillips

The middle of the year was hella busy, so get ready for scrolling.


  • It rained every day, so I could not plant my salad gardens. I was livid.
  • I continued a campaign on social media to raise awareness on why Paris Hilton is a national treasure. Nobody is taking me seriously.
  • It was finally hot enough to enjoy the outdoors, so I never went in. I drank cocktails in the vineyard. Ate cabbage steaks on the boardwalk. And I tanned so much that I’m going to have the ugliest skin in my old age.
  • I ate a literal ton of morel mushrooms. They were incredible.
  • I made an astounding philosophical discovery: a piece of cake can be an entire cake.
  • I was obsessed with my iris garden: IMG_4747
  • My favorite tree was hit by a tornado and decided to land on my reflecting pool. I’m still not over the pain. I’ve…

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