It would be nice to see one of your drawings in this article 🙂


Dear reader, 

Recently, I’ve taken a liking to draw a “sketchy” outline of people (with added eyebrows – aesthetics) and use acrylic paint to add an “aura” around them. I like to think it’s an aura all the time, but sometimes it’s just the colour I am feeling that day. I was feeling yellow the other day and today I feel green.

I love expressing myself this way and just spending time in the day to relax and create. Some may see it as silly doodles, others may not see talent, but I am proud of what I create and like to share it on my social media. Surprisingly, it’s taught me a lesson – the art of observing. I always liked to think that I was an observant person, but really, I think I wished for it instead. By observing the picture I want to recreate, it just shows…

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