The Sound Track for Home – I have fallen in love with it

Ok so I have a 10 year old daughter (almost 11) who loves movies, and we have watched this movie HOME probably at least 10 times.  The one thing that I had known before watching the movie was that “Sheldon” (Jim Parsons) from The Big Bang Theory is the voice of the the funny purple alien, Oh.

What I didn’t know until maybe the third time watching the movie is that Rhianna is the voice of the young girl, Gratuity Tucci (Tip) & Jennifer Lopez is the voice of Tip’s mother.

So it comes as no surprise that the music in the movie is awesome and very memorable.  I think that Rhianna hit the mark with these songs, she says;

“I think music is important to every film. I think it sets the tone, in the moment. It creates the sensitivity, the suspense, no matter what film it is, especially in animation. I’ve had an incredible time making music for this film. I’ve worked really closely with Tim Johnson, the director, just to make sure that lyrically, and musically the songs were matching exactly what he needed — what he needed the audience to feel in that moment.”

Needless to say I went out and purchased the soundtrack and have made it part of my collection of “feel good” songs 🙂

Track listing

Towards the Sun” (performed by Rihanna)

“Run to Me” (performed by Clarence Coffee Jr.)

“Cannonball” (performed by Kiesza)

“As Real as You and Me” (performed by Rihanna)

“Red Balloon” (performed by Charli XCX)

Dancing in the Dark” (performed by Rihanna)

“Drop That” (performed by Jacob Plant)

Feel the Light” (performed by Jennifer Lopez)