On being a 1D Enthusiast ft. UnParalleled (the Made in the A.M. Album Launch) & Thoughts on the upcoming hiatus


It is (un)heard of that I bestow most of my time being an overly keen admirer of the British-Irish boyband called One Direction. This hype inside me started back in 2011 after David Archuleta announced his exit from the industry to pursue his church mission. Of course when someone left you behind, you’ll not just be miserable crying in one corner; you’ll find another. On the contrary to that, I indeed cried and went miserable after knowing about his announcement. It wasn’t also a plan of mine to find another, but it’s just that the universe and all in it seemingly converged and brought me to that night where I saw my cousin watching a twitcam of Liam Payne and I was like, “Who’s that?” and then the rest is history.

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