Why would you do that?!

I would love to hear your review of the concert! Never got a chance to be on the floor 😦


So, before anyone goes off, I know I’m late. Sorry people. I’m behind two days worth of posts, but with good reason!! First, I spontaneously went to see my boys, One Direction, again on Tuesday, this time in Philly. To get to Philly, from my neighborhood, takes about two hours…so you know I came back super late. “But you could’ve posted before you left…!” I know, but we got our tickets a little last minute and I was stressing over that all morning. So technically, I couldn’t. Then on Wednesday, I had PCD (fangirl lingo meaning post concert depression), realllll strong. I wanted to be back, on FLOOR, having the time of my life again. So, here I am, writing posts NOW. Sorry.

However, going to the concert gave me good material for today’s post: fans who don’t think. Towards the end of the concert, Harry was…

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