Where The Deer Walk


I live in Rural Strathcona County and today, like most days I went outside to go for a walk. It’s -15 out but the sun is shining and if your dressed warm enough it is so beautiful, and very peaceful.
As I walked down my drive way and on to the road I looked down to see the tracks in the picture above 🙂 Deer tracks! I’ve missed them as they most likely walked this way early this morning before the sun rose.
Deer can be hard to see, if they see you first because their colouring blends into their surroundings, typically greyish brown in the winter, and they will stand very still. But if you are fortunate to see them running, then you get a chance to see their white tails as they typically raise their tails when sensing danger.
The deer walk this way at least twice a day, in and around the neighborhood. They are usually in a group of four or five and you are lucky of you see them as they mostly come out of the trees at dusk and it is really wonderful when you see them! 🙂 I wish I was lucky enough to have a picture to share, but I’m usually too far away to get a good enough shot, and the lighting is always dark when they are out.

I found some really great pics of whitetailed deer that I would like to share by Randy Roberts:


Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to see them tonight! It can be very unfortunate if they come out on the road as you are driving, as it happens once in a while that deer are killed this way.  I’ll drive with care and be on the lookout for them.