My One Direction Experience, I actually got to see them LIVE!! WWAMiami2014

Well I made it! I saw One Direction’s last concert of the Where We Are Tour live!!!  Soooo very excited and i almost wasn’t disappointed :/ let me tell you my sad tale… ok i will spill it just need to get my  thoughts in order and sift through all the details… right  now I’m on holiday with my family in Miami and it truly has been amazing! i really love the suite we’re staying in and the beach , which is close, is so beautiful! The weather has been amazing!! Saturday we had quite a downpour and i was little worried that it would rain for the concert but no it was perfect if not a bit too hot 🙂 These pictures were taken by me!!

My sad story… I was a littIe choked that our seats were changed very last minute and we weren’t as close to the stage as expected ( i purchased seats in section A3 but tickets were for section 129 :/) For me this was meant to be an experience of a lifetime, but because i was not dealing with an honest person it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. i really am disappointed that many promises made fell through and didn’t happen:/

As for the concert…it was an exceptional experience! The fans are truly amazing and it really did feel like i was with Family! It was so cute when the little girl behind me kept yelling “I Love You Harry!”  🙂   (I have some video clips that I can share as well)  

After a few months…it is January 2015 I decided to add all my pics to this blog, they really didn’t turn out too bad. 

I love One Direction! They always deliver what they promise.