Wow! Have I lost my focus on this blog or what?

Just recently someone sent me a comment that I should be writing way more in my posts instead of just posting pictures 🙂

Thank-you for kicking me in the but! Lol

As the Where We Are Tour gets closer to it’s conclusion I have been wondering what I should do with this blog?  Originally I had started it as a kind of protest because the North American part of the tour only included Toronto out of all of Canada to visit!! I was alittle pissed 🙂

So anyways I started the blog in hopes of getting some kind of support from One Direction Fans in my area!! Where are they and why haven’t they contacted me to say Hey! you’re right! One Direction’s Tour excluded our region and we want to let them know they should think about coming here!! But I never got one message from any fan-girls or boys living in Alberta!! Are there not any?!?

Before I started this blog I had began following the tour as it started in South America back in April of this year, via Twitter.  It was very exciting to me to see the tweets and vines being shared almost real time, just like actually being there! Then just before the Band played at Croke Park in Ireland, the first show in Europe, I began this blog and started posting some of the highlights of each show.:-)  Very fun!

Lately I’ve been getting feedback from different readers and I’m glad that you like the blog, but sure I haven’t actually blogged too much in writing, just sharing pics and fan-projects for the different shows and also fan pics – which are my favorite part of this whole experience. It is the fan participation and enthusiasm that has really kept me going through this tour.  Of course the interaction of the boys on stage during their shows is a critical factor as well! they are fantastic! I’ve said it all along that I really want to see them live.  They have such great chemistry with each other and alot of energy, you never really know what might happen at a show!

I guess once I heard the announcement that next year’s tour “On the road again” will be starting in Asia, Australia, etc…I kind of gave up hope of One Direction taking a detour to Edmonton or Calgary or any other city in Canada for WWAtour. My blog here hasn’t made any impact, probably because I never really actively pushed my point.  But would it really make any difference?

In conclusion I will finish up as I’ve started and continue to post pics that I’ve collected from social media to share with all of you, the highlights of this tour and on the last show in Miami, which I will actually attend! I’m really getting very excited and will be equally excited to share my experience with you!

Audra's phone pics Sept 2014 100