The OFFICIAL One Direction AT&T Stadium Concert Review

AMP 1037

Let’s just start this off with a statement that everyone who attended the One Direction concert can agree on: this was the show of the summer.

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While there can be many opinions on who is the cutest or who has the best voice, one thing is for sure…AT&T stadium was rocking tonight.

From the opening song, to the encore, the high pitch screams were at deafening levels (ears are still ringing). Up in the KVIL suite, we saw 6 year olds and mothers of teenage daughters singing every word to their favorite 1D jam!

I must say, the screams for Harry was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. The guy could pick his nose and still have the stadium swooning at the sight of his long hair on the jumbotron. A surprising underrated member of the band, for me, was young Niall Horan. The kid had his guitar out and…

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